Friday, July 08, 2016

Day Fourteen- How Did It Get To Be Friday Already?

My days, not working, are whooshing past far too quickly.  It almost seems like I am "wasting" them. I know, I know.  Stop thinking those thoughts.  Relax. Enjoy.  Just "be".

Zucchini is my very favorite vegetable right now.  I love it fried with olive oil and onion until deeply browned.  I love it grilled (like in the picture) while still tender and small.  I do not like waiting for it to grow in the garden.  The plants (which I successfully grew from seeds) are looking perky and healthy.  But they are young.  No fruit yet.  So, I am off to the grocery today.

Today is day 14.  Today I had yogurt for breakfast.  One of the Noosa yogurts I had in the fridge before this diet began.  I choose to "test" the lemon one as I have lemon in my water nearly everyday.

Two of the three pounds I gained overnight on Thursday are gone. It was too much to hope that all three would disappear. I am trying to drink as much water as it is possible for me to drink.  Without gagging.  I wonder if other people gag when they drink water?

Yesterday was overcast and cool so I didn't water the vegetable garden.  Instead, I grabbed a shovel and starting digging professional sized weeds out of the front left bed.  Then I planted three tickseed "Polaris" in the, now, empty bed.  Then G went into the woods and hauled a very small percentage of the wood chips we have from the first trees taken down last summer.  It's been a year (almost) and they are now safe to use as mulch.  I mulched heavily.  We don't water landscaping, only containers. It's too expensive.

All that mulch is like money in the bank for a gardener like me.  I LOVE a heavily mulched perennial bed.  Keeps the weeds down, conserves moisture and just looks so neat and tidy.  The only downside is the re-seeding of biennials such as foxglove, echinacea etc.  They need bare ground contact for the seeds to germinate.  Not that I have either of those in the garden. The only biennial I worry about is Rose Campion with it's tall fuzzy gray stems and lovely magenta flowers balanced on top like tiny saucers.

Today's food (it helps me to visualize) is the TEST yogurt for breakfast and a cup of coffee, a chopped salad for lunch, one ounce of salt free potato chips for snack, chicken (my only protein so far) with steamed vegetables plus any leftover vegetable from yesterday (like that ever happens--though I do have a roasted beet I could term "leftover").

I have checked the coming days and there isn't another "protein test" so I am wondering if I will be stuck with just chicken for the next 11 days????  I could try to test a "new" protein but this seems like a rather substantial error on the diet author's part.  Anyone else reading this blog who have tried this diet?  Please contact me!

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