Monday, August 01, 2016

August And The Garden Wakes Up

I watered the garden yesterday and fed the plants with "blue stuff" as things were looking a bit tired. I have tomatoes ripening.  Leaves are turning yellow with brown spots.  I remove them. Any leaves below the first fruiting branch aren't needed.  The fresh leaves up top can supply all the necessary sugars.

I got a handful of cucumbers.  Making a jar of pickles for my daughter.  She wants me to add peppers.  I have plenty of peppers growing--but I like them red and not green so we must wait for them to "turn".

I have spiraled two more zucchini and the curls are drying on a cookie rack.

I have been watching PBS and working on my neighbor's quilt.  The dusty one.  I keep thinking I am getting somewhere (6 plus hours already in it) but it seems more is untacked than is tacked. I mentioned to G that machine quilting it (when he asked) --so puffy-- would have reduced me to swearing like a sailor.

It seems a bit overcast today and I can't go to the grocery until after 12 (prescription ordered) so I might as well do another hour or two of tacking.

Today I am going to be eating (testing) beef.  Which translates to meatballs. G loves meatballs. And I love them also. I can also make some taco meat.  I like that with rice, lettuce and tomatoes.  I will miss having cheese and sour cream.  But I can have taco sauce.  And I have those weird rice tortillas. Better than nothing.  I wonder if they make rice milk cheese?

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