Wednesday, August 03, 2016

The Botanical Question: Why Produce Only Male Flowers?

I have no other answer than the one posed by the resident botanist.  Too much nitrogen.  Could be as I have been home this summer and have added fertilizer to the basic watering routine. I did find a recipe for squash blossom pizza.  If only I could eat wheat, yeast, cheese right now.

My work on tacking the puffy quilt belonging to my neighbor continues.  I have used up one ball of thread already and started in on a second ball.  I have broken one needle.  I can begin, finally, to see the end of this road.  The tacked portion looks quite nice.  But.........and there is always a but.  The wide borders are now showing a tendency to billow.  I don't want my perfectionistic ways to force me to undo the border seams.  I don't want that.  The borders are wide and will probably need at least another ball of perle cotton number 8.  I guess I will need to visit JoAnn's for re-supplying.

The beef test is not going well.  Hard to tell if the rash on my eyes is from the beef or from the dusty quilt or from pollen in the garden that got into my eyes.  It could also be from the oats in the Life Changing Bread which I have stopped eating--I had a grand total of 3 quarter inch thick (very seedy) slices.  Which leaves even the most disinterested observer aware of my less than scientific methods.
I wonder if the birds and chipmunks will eat LCB?  It really isn't very good. And I am sorry I wasted a second attempt on this "bread".  Even toasted (twice) it is still medicinal in flavoring.

I can't say much for my methods.  I become distracted easily. And I am cooking for another person as well as myself.  So things get mixed up during a day when I am tired, cranky and hungry.

But I do step away from things and then observe a "safe" zone of eating in response.  Oh, I should also mention taking Advil PM which is KNOWN for causing red, itching eyes in sensitive persons.  But I need to actually SLEEP.  Not spend the night fussing about stuff that happened 30 or 40 years ago.  I start the day exhausted and go from there.  It's not a good recipe for success.

Which is why this elimination process is going so slowly and producing such odd results.

I am being taken to Trader Joe's today. (Field Trip) To replenish the marinara and olive oil stocks.  Also I have heard TJ's has nice brown rice tortillas.  And orange muscat vinegar.  G is looking forward to filling the freezer with bags of potstickers.  And possibly coconut aminos to replace soy sauce (for me).

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