Wednesday, August 31, 2016

End Of August In The Vegetable Garden

Eggplant.  I don't have as many as I would like to have.  But I am going to enjoy the first one, sliced, salted, roasted with EVOO until browned with a roasted tomato sauce.  I have some brown rice pasta which I may or may not eat with it.   The recipe is from Food52.  Today.  Roasted eggplant on fresh corn polenta.  

Sometimes it's better to not eat something than to eat something inferior.  That's the way I feel about eating "fake" food.  I'm on the fence regarding spiralized zucchini.

There is very little zucchini left in the garden so I will not be able to make ratatouille this summer. I made too much zucchini butter.  Never made any zucchini fritters.  The zucchini brownies made with gluten free-wheat free flour are dry as dust.  And I think made the eye rash return.   Was it the chocolate or the  King Arthur Flour?  Or was it mold spores because today was cool and damp?

I ordered books from the library and when I picked them up--realized I had already read them.  I now have two new books--I can't say I am excited about either of them, but will at least try to read them.

My 10x10 fabric pictures are on the 10x10 website.  The official opening date for the site is September 4th.  My daughter says I should be honored to have them up already.  I guess they liked them both and are using them as a "tease" to get viewers interested.  Who knows?

I forgot to take my JoAnn's coupon with me today.  I was going to see what they had in #8 perle cotton thread.  I need a few new colors and I'll need red if I tack my old quilt.  I am thinking of doing some mindless embroidery.  I am also thinking of tacking the 1930's Grandmother's Flower Garden (1.5 inch hexagons) I purchased years and years ago.  It was tacked in red thread.  With the lumpiest batting and so much dust!!!!.  So, I have the original backing fabric as well.  The top and the backing are washed and ironed.

I don't think professional free motion quilting would do the quilt justice.  And I don't think I have the patience or skill to hand quilt it myself.  I think it is very difficult to quilt a Flower Garden quilt-- I mean, where do you stitch?   I may have to visit some sites to see what works best.  Tacking maybe the best idea if I wanted to do it myself.

We are "pet sitting" a rescued Ecuadorian Street Puppy for the neighbor's daughter today and tomorrow.  Today G took Riley and Pina for the usual walk in the woods.  For half of it, Pina's leash was attached to Riley's collar.  Riley put up with the puppy but G released him when it looked like Riley had reached his limit.  Riley is 9.5 and Pina is 3 months old (and just a little larger than a toaster).  G said she did whatever Riley did.  If he sniffed something.  She sniffed it.  If he walked over something.  She walked over it.  If he stopped to look.  She stopped to look.  G said it was adorable. Then she found a tree branch to carry and the branch kept knocking into Riley's legs.

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