Saturday, August 20, 2016

Rose Covered Garden Arch

Like this one.  Someday?  I can only hope.  None of the roses I have planted near my garden gate have "lived".  It's like the place where roses commit suicide.  At least my roses.

Today was my last day of watering the Grow Boxes for someone I met while teaching a class at work.  She was in Virginia. And it was drop off day for the 10x10 Arts Are Elementary Fundraiser.  I had two pieces.  And I wasn't 100% happy with everything about them--but the Blackberry Hedgerow is pretty nice. And the other one --in fabric choice and design is "trademark" Me.  If they don't sell, I will have both matted and framed.  For me.

I tried to do better with contrast and focal points.  The work always looks good to me on the work table but the focus isn't clear when it's far away.  And upright on a wall.  I need to start working on a design wall.  I also need to actually have an art space.  When I moved out of the old work room--I boxed everything up.  It's still boxed up.  So finding the "right" piece of anything--thread fabric etc. not good.  I also had ongoing issues with the spindle holding the invisible thread.  The spindle would come out, the thread spool with fly under the bed---- I just about gave up.  And I had to thread the bobbin.  Geez!

I haven't been in the garden for two full days.  I'm going to finish this and then change into garden clothes and go out.  It's off and on sunshine/clouds.  Some breeze.  First I'll pick ripe items and then water and then pick blackberries and get all scratched up, bleed and then the scratches with redden and swell.  I look like twelve cats attacked me.  But the best berries are always 3 feet into the thicket.
I haven't done anything with the stuff I picked two days ago.  This is when the garden is tedious and not a joy filled experience.

This is also when I make ratatouille-  a word that means "stew" in French.  There is an eggplant out in the garden that is probably ready to be picked.  My first.  And it maybe the only one.

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