Friday, August 26, 2016

The Summer of Food Adventures--- On An Elimination Diet

First time to ever have a Larabar.  The Apple Pie one was delicious.  I also found the sites that show me how to "make my own" bars.  I will be looking for dry apple slices at the health food store. I purchased the Carrot Cake bar.  For tomorrow.

The other first was Smoothies.  I'm never sure about making them without a recipe.  And the recipes I've tried--no matter how stupid they look to me---have turned out to be very tasty.  I even said "yum" while tasting one of the recipe smoothies.  I think it was a pineapple, kale, red berry one.

Well, I'm off the look for a peach smoothie recipe.  And for turmeric sauerkraut--- it ferments in a jar and needs to be burped.  Probiotic.

I may even soak some raw cashews and make ........well, I'm not sure what I will make.  A creamy cashew smoothie?  Cashew cheese?  Or the Cashew Cookie Larabar?

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bidtl said...

Larabar also makes an grain free granola, one fruit seeds and nuts and another with cocoa. Delicious with yogurt and almond milk.