Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Recipe But No Zucchini

How strange is that???? My walking buddy asked me to bring along a zucchini for her this morning on our walk.  So, out to the garden I went and, what to my wondering eyes did appear?..... not even one tiny zucchini.

Lots of boy flowers on all the chest high plants.  But no females.  No fruit.  Puzzlement on my part. No fritters in my future either.  Last summer I ate cold fritters everyday for lunch at work.

Same on the pattypan plants (which are even taller than the zucchini plants) as I did an experiment
using a new to me compost product from work.  The pattypans got the super new compost and they have gone crazy.  Lots of flower buds but not one fruit as yet.

Plenty of bees.

The blueberries are doing well.  An over filled cookie sheet of them in the freezer right now.  I am waiting until tomorrow (or later today) to pick more as I am running out of room for fruit in the freezer. I could get rid of some by making a smoothie.

I made these strange pickles for my daughter:  They taste wonderful but the process is odd.  The jar isn't filled to the top with the vinegar salt sugar pickling liquid and the jar of vegetables needs to be shaken and turned upside down over the course of a week or more.  The daughter likes colorful peppers, cucumber, and carrots in hers.  Onions, garlic and pickling spices.  I think it's ready when the jar is nearly full of liquid but I could be mistaken.  I made the pickle with cauliflower last year and the cauliflower wasn't as fresh as it needed to be.  So, this time I used peppers.  Red and orange.

I need to bushwhack my way over to the blackberry thicket and see how things are going.  There are tons of "potential" berries on the plants.  I have always wanted to make a blackberry pie.

So the future here:  blueberry jam.  blackberry pie.  strawberry/rhubarb jam.  more bread and butter zucchini pickles (hopefully).  I don't know whether I really would make zucchini fritters this summer as they contain eggs and cheese.  But those fritters at the top of this post....they look delicious.

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