Monday, August 29, 2016

Elimination Diet-- Today's Smoothie-Cantaloupe (not good)

Not a success.  The cantaloupe was not ripe.  So I looked on line and found a few clues as to what to mix and match with it to make a smoothie.

I added the melon to the Vitamix.  Then some frozen mango cubes.  Some raw cashews for thickening.  A quarter of the pineapple lingering in the fridge (my usual addition for a green smoothie).  A big spoon of plain yogurt.

It's okay.  Not great.  The tartness of the pineapple saved it from being too sweet.  But it's very bland but I will drink it.

I tossed the remainder of the melon in the compost bucket.  The worms will enjoy it. From now on I will stick with fruit I grow or the frozen stuff that is usually picked ripe.

My eyes are watering and the skin around my eyes is dry, raw and burning.  I feel awful. I just WISH I knew what is causing this to happen from August to October.  For the third year in a row.

Going out to water the garden, then a shower to cool off, then more allergy meds and a nap.

Watched the movie Gravity last night.  Binge watched Marcella on Netflix the day before. Summer days and summer nights.

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