Thursday, August 11, 2016

Drawing On The Walls

I know these animals weren't free style drawings but rather are wallpaper.  But the idea of drawing on a plain white wall is really interesting to me right now. Today.

I have two 10X10 inch pieces of artwork to get ready by the 20th.  For the Arts Are Elementary fundraiser.  The two I have on my work table are okay.  But I am not sure of the "sale-ability" of either.  Why donate art if it won't sell?  And art should be made without these thoughts.

It's going to be 90 today.  Hot and steamy.

I already began the day depressed.  Gained 2 pounds overnight.  I am back to the weight I was the first week of July.  I have gotten nowhere with these "diets".  I couldn't even find anything to eat for breakfast this morning (that seemed like a normal breakfast).   Yesterday breakfast was zucchini noodles with a cherry tomato and onion sauce.

My allergies are in high gear.  Itchy, watery eyes, nose running, hip aches, foggy thinking.

The high point of the day will be a vanilla DQ cone.   And a nap?

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Paula, the quilter said...

My allergies are also in high gear. But then we have a massive wildfire that has already burned 35,543 acres. They think that it can be contained by Oct 21 (that is the average date of first snowfall). I'm blaming mine on the smoke and particulates from that fire.