Saturday, August 27, 2016

Elimination Diet- Peach Smoothie

I  purchased three large peaches.  And they are ripe and juicy.  Freestone like the image above.  I had planned to eat them--just like that.  But decided to try a smoothie.

I checked out the recipes on line and found one, with a comment from someone who registered on the site to just be able to comment on the peach smoothie---- he liked it that much.  That was impressive.I won't register on a site, no matter how much I like something.

I have a Vitamix so if you try this with any other blender--your results might be different.

One large peach.  Remove pit but leave on peel.  One frozen banana.  I wrap ripe bananas in foil and stick them in the freezer.  One half cup raw cashews.  (you may need to presoak them- I didn't have to)  One big handful of frozen blueberries for sweetening.  4 ounces of vanilla yogurt.  I think I also added some water.  More than ½ a cup.  Turned on the Vitamix and let her rip.

I usually open the lid up and stir with a spoon and taste.  See if it's too sour, too green--whatever and then try and add something to make it taste okay.  This tasted okay.

I divide the smoothie into Working Jars from Crate & Barrel.  They come with lids.  I wasn't going to actually drink the smoothie until this morning so I poured, capped and put them in the fridge.  Still thick and smooth this morning.  And delicious.  I will be blending up the last peach later today.

And then I might go looking for more peaches.

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