Monday, August 15, 2016

August Vegetables--Baby Sized & Testing Sweet Corn

Cherry tomatoes are getting ripe.  I collect as many as I can and eat most of them before getting into the house.  Thankfully, my carrots are much lagger than these.  And I got a few pounds of the really big orange carrots from Whole Foods.  I had two of them grilled to charred perfection last night for dinner.  The dressing is Green Goddess.  I think I have everything but the "fishy" stuff to make this.  Well, except for an avocado.  Suddenly, avocados are $1.49 each.  Those tiny squash are very cute.

I have a "vacation/coverage" job for 8 days.  I am watering someone's Earth boxes.  They have two tomatoes in each box and the plants are at least two feet taller than me.  5'6".  Each morning I drive over and fill the water reservoir in each of the 10 boxes.  It's always empty when I arrive. Thirsty tomatoes.  I also water all the new plantings.  We are very short of water this summer and we are much warmer than ever.  We are not used to being "hot".

But hot is much better than being on fire.  Or being flooded.

Today we are repeating the sliced tomatoes with fresh mozzarella and basil for dinner.  And we are also having sweet corn.  I'll call it a test.  Summer is way too short to not being eating fresh from the Farm sweet corn.  This stuff is local.  The EVOO and Balsamic vinegar to dress the tomatoes and cheese isn't local but it's very good.

Nothing happened (well, I did lose a half pound) when I ate the tomatoes and cheese (dairy) on Saturday.  So, today it's just to see what happens with the corn.  If nothing happens--then I am going back to the store for more after I water the Earth boxes tomorrow.  Five for $2.

I am reading a book.  Watching PBS.  Finished tacking the quilt.  No more dust to breath.  I am craving chocolate candy.  The dark chocolate caramels in particular from Trader Joe's.  I have a box left over from Valentine's Day. But I am being very stern with myself and just saying NO!

I have my 10x10 fabric art to finish and my forms (in triplicate) to fill out before drop off Saturday morning. Which reminds me to ask G to print them off.  While I cut up and dress tomatoes.

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