Friday, December 22, 2017

On the Twenty Second Day Of December

Baking Cookies and Wrapping Gifts.  No Monkey Business.

I have Chocolate Chip done.  I have Snickerdoodles done.  I am working on Apricot Kolaches.   The dough spent most of yesterday in "time out" trying to get itself together.  Will see if today is better.
I did a very good job of making the apricot filling from dry apricots.  It's very, very delicious. So if the pastry still refuses to behave--I'll find somewhere else for the delicious apricot to go.

We went out in the car already, today.  To get my hair cut.  To stop and wish people at my place of employment a Merry Christmas (across the street from where  I get my hair cut).  G is now walking the dog in the snow filled woods.  Birds are everywhere today.  Frolicking in branches of the shrubbery.  Doves pecking at the deck boards. We even have a squirrel who spends a few hours in one of the birdhouses we have nailed to trees.  Snow is falling.  4 to 5 inches before it rains tomorrow.  Nasty weather for the holidays.

When Riley and G return from their daily walk, I think G and I will go out for Chinese.  Late lunch or early dinner.  Daughter is going to join us which is quite a treat.

Spent the evening watching "Jack Taylor" on Netflix.  Irish Guard procedural.  Hard to understand but it's sort of like visiting Ireland.  I only have one more episode.  Then I will have to find something else.  Perhaps The Fall.  Perhaps Netflix will suggest something.

News regarding a blog friend, Grace, has arrived via other blog friends.  She has safely traveled to her new home in California.  Along with her dog, her cat and her herd of goats.  She will eventually be setting up house and internet (I hope) on a grassy hill.  Or mountain.  Depending on who is doing the describing.  It's good to know the "moving" is done and everyone is safe.

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