Tuesday, December 12, 2017

On The Twelfth Day Of December

I FINALLY managed to make some origami stars.  Eight.  The ninth one refused to collapse.  Ten and twelve never made it to pentagon shape.  I had wanted to make a dozen.  Put one in each of my Christmas card envelopes.  Connie you were almost right.  I can make them, but I'm not really good at it. Though I must say, in this picture, they look pretty darn wonderful.  I found the gold paper in the drawer under the old copier.  Love serendipity.

Well, I can rest up a bit and then try again.  Later.  To make 4 more.  The trick was to fold ALL the square into pentagons and THEN start folding them into stars.  Body and hand memory is built that way.  Repetition.  It's the same with quilting.  As I am finding out with the potholder making.  That last potholder is going to have some crazy amazing binding on it.

And who knows--paper cranes for the New Year?

Made another batch of Rum Balls to take to work tomorrow (my last day of work in 2017) but the weather might make that impossible.  G is trying to get home from a doctor's visit about an hour away and is passing more accidents than he can count.  So, staying put during this weather event might be the best thing to do.  So Last Saturday may have been my last day @ work for 2017.

My left eye has decided to itch and swell up again.  Always something.  I am taking it easy, no eye rubbing and I had some drops and pills from last time--so I am doing that.  Seems to be feeling better.
I haven't had time--stars!--- to go look at it in mirror.  It's Atopic Dermatitis.

G says we are putting lights on the tree--no matter what--tonight.  And that's the day's news on the Twelfth Day of December.


Annie said...

Ooh, love the stars!

dianen said...

Oh, those stars are fabulous!

Life Scraps and Patches said...

Those stars! Amazing!!