Sunday, December 10, 2017

On The Tenth Day Of December

We woke up to snow.  Well, it had started snowing the day before but...this morning all the trees and shrubs had a gentle pile of white floating on their branches.  Riley and I made the first foot prints on the driveway snow.  Going out to get the paper.  It's wet sticky snow.  What I call "snowman snow" because it'll stick to itself when you roll it.

I have been baking.  Using what I have--waiting for the driveway to be clear for a grocery run.  So far we have a very nicely baked loaf of Banana Bread and a nicely brown crusted pan of corn bread. The oven is doing a great job! You can judge that my baking skills were learned in the kitchens of Georgia and not Ohio.  My mother didn't serve or bake either of these things. She did make Mexican Wedding Cookies.  Balls of nut dough rolled in powdered sugar. Ugh!  And the cookies made with the press that you could add food coloring to the dough.  I am reminded of how hard it was to get the dough to come out and then get it to stop coming out.  I did like sprinkling the pressed cookie trees with green sugar.  And pressing a half cherry into the center of the round "flower" shape.

Now that I write this--I am wondering if I still have a cookie press hiding in the cupboard.  And I will look for the recipe ) Spritz (?) and perhaps buy some cherries.

Gramma made apricot kolache and poppyseed roll.  I have attempted the apricot kolache on occasion and my daughter makes frequent trips to the cookie plate when they are on it.  We also like to make Buckeyes.  Peanut butter and powdered sugar rolled in chocolate.  Usually, they stay in the garage so they don't melt.

The kids at work want more Rum Balls.  I might make them with Kahlua. Or I will use the white Bacardi I have in the "drinks cupboard" as Nigella always says.

The tree will be getting lights today (oh I do hope so).  Perhaps ornaments.  We'll see.

Watched Doctor Strange last night on Netflix and our TiVo remote stopped working--yet again (4 remotes in the last 2  years).  We are NOT amused.  And the volume is way up.  So, we need to get it working so we can turn the volume DOWN.  This makes us both so frustrated.  It's a remote.  Not a rocket or anything.

Well, I need to start my shopping list and look for my recipe cards.  Happy Sunday to All!!

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Life Scraps and Patches said...

I love to read about the kinds of things you are baking. And, I hear that you may be getting more snow.