Monday, October 09, 2017

Bibbetty, Bobbetty, BOO!

Too much happening.  Son arriving this evening after flying cross country.  Cleaning of the house going on.  Carrying extra clutter up the stairs to the attic room.  Finally taking all the cardboard covering the new hardwood out of the master.  I even sorted my fabric scraps and (like choosing the favorite child) and kept only the ones I "think" I will need for the new work (in my quest to limit clutter).

It's humid here in Maine.  Like Florida.  Ick.  Raining, warm, damp, cloying.  G has taken the A/C units out and up into the attic.  Tomorrow it's supposed to hit 80 and of course, with all the damp Earth---it will be humid.

I carried the "Spooky House" I made out of a wooden dollhouse kit downstairs to display in the entrance hall for "the Holiday".  It needs repairs.  But I have a glue gun and plenty of TIME so I am going to try and do repairs.  Shingles have come off.  The plastic bones that surround the windows (as trim) didn't hold really well.  Other things got "picked" off while on display at the library in Town years ago.  The "picking" off of bones etc and candy (Gingerbread House) is why the two houses are no longer on display in public (when requested).

The lights inside make the walls glow blood red.  The red eyes of the RAT by the open door--glow. Inside I have a bag full of skeleton ornaments hanging from the "ceiling".  So "spooky".  Love it.

Pictures here tomorrow or the next day--after repairs.

The new mattress set will be delivered on the 24th.  Sigh.  I didn't plan on that.  So we had to go emergency shopping for an inflatable bed.  I'm hoping our son won't mind.  It's that or sleep on one of the couches. His choice.

When the new mattress set arrives we'll be set up with two bedrooms with king beds.  And, because that is how things work, will NEVER have need for guests sleeping over.  It was that way for years--so we gave the guest room queen to our daughter.  Yep.  And I had a sewing room.  Now I don't and we don't and that's life.

I've been eating Twizzlers and need to STOP.  It's a very bad habit.  Halloween Candy.  Last year the neighbor gave me a neighborhood sized bag of Tootsie Rolls she had bought for Treat or Treat.  We have two 5 year olds living on our street.  I managed to eat them all while reading the entire Louise Penny series into the wee hours of night.  And then getting a new crown.  My friend had a half ton bag of "right" Twix.  And fed me four of them after the gin and tonic.  Sigh.  Halloween.

My daughter got me a book on dyeing fabric at home.  (spell check wrote "dating fabric")  She's bringing it with her when she comes to see her brother tomorrow.  (spell check "bother" not brother)
So.... I'm going back to my HOUSE WORK.  Bibbetty, bobbetty, BOO.


DianeN said...

I hope you have a wonderful visit with your son. Post a picture of the spooky house.

Life Scraps and Patches said...

That picture of the cat and mouse is hilarious. Looking forward to spooky house pictures to come.