Monday, October 02, 2017

October Arrives: Still No Radiators

The Plumber has not come back, left a message or anything.  The new bathrooms do not have a heat source.  It's cold.  It's October.  And the two bath remodel is still not finished. Radiators.  Eight Months.  We do have lights over the sinks--but in the wrong place.  Will have to be fixed.

I visited my friend yesterday afternoon-- we picked October peaches.  We talked.  I colored her hair.
I missed the end of the Patriots game.  Which was a good thing, I guess.

This morning, before I even had coffee or my breakfast cereal, I went up to the attic to see if I could find pants in my "new size".   I seem to have eaten my way thru construction.  My second or third trip up and I discovered a box of pants under three or four boxes of G's stuff.  Pants.  In the extra large size.  Corduroy and mostly greens, mossy browns.  Getting hard to find at Goodwill now that most everyone is wearing leggings.  (!!!!)  I was super happy.  I also filled another bag with things I will never wear.  Someone else might enjoy them.

I have a new sketchbook.  Purchased this Spring.  I am making small "studies" in the book to prepare myself and my ideas for the next "little art piece".  Which will have a name from the start.  I have the book and a sharp pencil by my left elbow most of the time.  Ready when an idea strikes--like while watching News and an interesting pattern is observed behind the head of someone talking.

Our TiVo  "clicker" has stopped turning the television on/off and we can't change the volume level. (but thank goodness it was at a good level before the thing went wacky this time--last time it was very loud).  G spend most of Sunday trying to re program it and then called TiVo support.  In 10 days, a new remote will arrive.  The agent is "suspending the fee" for this....the third remote in 2 years.  This last one isn't even a year old. G asked the agent if they wanted us to send the old one back.  the agent said we could do "whatever we wanted with the remote......"  G and I have several ideas....  I wonder if the President has trouble with his TiVo remote.  Big T loves his TiVo.

I had a very good morning yesterday--bleaching fabrics to remove color.  I found a strange cut up scrap of black cotton that bleached to WHITE.  In splotches and dots.  EXQUISITE.  I mean I am mesmerized by the sight of it on the drying rack.  I also bleached some hand dyed quarters.  Added some character.  May go back into them with a darker tone.  Also bleached some commercial prints to see what would happen.  Nice things.  I have enough ideas and material now to make something new.

I LOVE black fabric bleached to white.  And it is rare to find any.  Most blacks bleach to orange or rust (I know because I buy small amounts and test them). I have a piece of black that I bleached many years ago and I use it sparingly and to the upmost advantage.  Having a new piece--even as small and irregular as it is--is a wonderful thing.  I imagine I could take a piece of white and paint it with black.  But I wouldn't get the randomness of the splattered bleach.

G and Riley are out on their daily walk.  The sun is shining.  I have plants that need to be relocated to the raised beds for the Winter ( native perennials we started from seed), tubers to dry out on the driveway before going into storage boxes (dahlias), and my containers to empty into the compost bins.  The petunias have been a delight this summer.  I also need to trim the geraniums to small stumps before they go up into the attic.  And pot up the Amaryllis for Christmas. And pull up all the tomatoes and other stuff.  Will leave the peppers.  Cover them to keep them warm.  Hope they have time to turn red.

Time to begin.

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Life Scraps and Patches said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the process leading to your next art piece. And, I hope the plunber and electrician come soon! You've waited long enough.