Sunday, October 22, 2017

The New Normal Or Abi-Normal

We're having meatballs and marinara tonight and for the next few days.  When I cook (and it's not as often as I have done in the past) I cook a lot so we'll have stuff to eat for days.  When I was Elimination Food from my diet--I made meatballs and sauce quite often.  I could eat just meatballs. No pasta.  Some sauce.  Some cheese.

But that was then......and I have regained any weight I lost plus much more.  I seemed to have eaten my way thru renovation helped along by daily ice cream at Dairy Queen.  Oddly enough.  My clothes fit.  The scale says they shouldn't.

G and I tried and finally succeeded in setting up the traveling easel he purchased for me years and years ago.  The Jullian wooden box with legs from France.  Leather handles and carrying strap. (I see on the internet that it is no longer made in France but now in China and no longer as beautifully made)  It's been in many attics we have lived in.  Waiting.  We had to watch a YouTube video to figure it out. My "board" is now in the upright position and my newest cloth is pinned to it.  I have changed things, fabric, positions etc almost every time I walk past.  Still no name.  So, no stitch.

I am wanting to stitch. So much.

I cleared the area surrounding my sewing machine.  I found the brand new container of sewing machine oil.  I found the thread and pre-wound bobbins.  Now I just need to clear all the "maybe" fabrics, for the cloth on my easel, off the cutting board and cut four strips to add a thin border to a baby quilt top I am making and sending to you, Connie.  And, in addition, find the larger fabric piece that was going to be the wider outside border.  Attic?  Who knows.

G has asked me to help in the collecting (mower) of fallen maple leaves.  I am to dump them in a bag or carry them to the vegetable garden and add them to the beds--to compost and feed the soil.  We also have the maple leaves across the street in our neighbor's yard.  Got to get them up before the oak leaves start dropping.  They are terrible.  Not good for compost unless you have 10 years to wait for them to break down.  I don't know for sure, but in 10 years I'll be 81 and possibly not gardening too much anymore.  So....maple leaves.

I am currently wearing my pajamas.  so, I guess getting dressed is on my agenda.

Oh, I did manage to empty the freezers--the hall fridge and the kitchen fridge--of all the expired and frost damaged things.  Also all the unlabeled items.  Mysterious frozen rectangles.  Fruit that was no longer fruit.  Well, I think it was fruit.  All gone.  Now I feel like I can have a 'fresh start".  Early in the renovation I emptied the store cupboard of all the expired cans and bottles of things.

For once, I am feeling like I have the "upper hand" so to speak.  Now....leaves.

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