Thursday, December 17, 2015

Cookies, Cards & Ornaments

I am way behind.  I haven't even decided what to draw for the christmas cards this year.  I did plan ahead and used a coupon to pay for a big package (50) of Kraft paper blank cards and envelopes.  Just in case they stop making them (and I still want to use them).  That's like 4 years worth of cards since I only send out 12.

I had planned to make another felt ornament like the STILL WAY CUTE Santa coat and hat I made last year.  I don't have any heart buttons and wonder if I actually want snowmen.  The carrot nose looks difficult.

I finally (oh, you should see how backlogged I am with chores) made two of the three batches of cookies.   The Apricot Oatmeal from MS.  The Snickerdoodles (that for some reason spread instead of puffed).  But the kolachke are still in the fridge. I am packaging (really cute) the cookies up as gifts for people at work since I don't think I should be eating cookies.  They look delicious.

My rash comes and goes and the only variables in my diet don't seem like things that would cause an allergic reaction.  Like orange slice candies.  They are all gone now--so that won't be a problem.  I did eat some roasted peanuts at work (I regularly eat peanut butter on a big spoon out of the jar as a meal) and the rash struck.  So,  how can I be allergic, now, to things I have eaten in excess for years and years without a care in the world?????

I am achingly tired of the brown rice, banana, butternut squash and bran flakes with soy milk.  I love all those things but now that they are the only things I can eat-----I am growing less fond of them each day.  Each "new" thing I add---the itch comes back.  Today I added popcorn and am waiting for the rash.  I am getting no protein.  Not a big meat eater anyway and now--not interested at all.  I did make chili (and still have three portions) and the rash struck just 20 minutes after I ate the first bowl.

It's cold and it's raining here in Maine.  All the days in December (minus one) have been colored orange on the weatherman's calendar.  All warmer than normal.  We won't be having a white Christmas.  No snow.  Just rain.  Here it is--not even 4 pm and dark as night.

Time to shower and put on my jammies.   Only 5 more days of work.  I think. Then it's Christmas.

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