Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Minus Four Days

The last of the cookie dough I made last week is now baked into cookies.  And I sat down Saturday and actually came up with a design and drew the design on cards.  And addressed and mailed the cards.  They won't get anywhere in time for Christmas but---  Well, I have no excuses.

A few of the gals working the Christmas Table at work have decided (each on our own) to make changes in our lives.  Doing things differently, letting things go etc.  There must have been some magic in the air.  My plans aren't really firm as yet.  But working (outside the home) is going to be less the next year.  I'll keep you informed of my choices but not theirs.

Allergy:  Well.... I am not allergic to wheat flour.  I have been eating bread for three days straight and no rash no itch and no watering eyes.  I wanted to see what would happen.  And nothing happened.
I still have reddened, flaky skin from my hairline to my eyebrows.  But no itch.

I am NOT going to press my luck and eat any nuts because I have a feeling that would not go well.

The bread I am eating is a whole grain rye from When Pig's Fly.

Today we are packing up our son's package with cookies and presents.  He may not get it until New Year's.  Not that it will matter as he is probably busy seeing Star Wars.  And my son is pragmatic like his mother.  If he wants something he goes out and buys it for himself--doesn't wait for Santa to buy him things.  So, the check I send is more important than the box from home.  He does appreciate the cookies.

I was feeling rather blue this Christmas season--due to the 6 Benadryl a day and then in the space of 48 hours so many people (customers) have shown up at work and were so happy to see me.  Gosh, is there anything better than seeing people's faces light up when they set eyes on you?  I don't think so. I am usually so surprised by that.  But this year, I am really appreciating it.  Leaning into it.  Hugging back.  Doing things differently.

We finished watching Netflix Jennifer Jones (Marvel) and are now into River (BBC).  That song from the first episode is stuck in my mind.  I have to download it.  Listen to it all the time. Love to Love You.  From the 70's.

G is back with the box.  Need to start wrapping and packing.  Then start the pierogi dough and fillings.  I work the next three days.

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