Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Gifting/ Wishes and Dreams

I'm not really into it this year.  Or last, for that matter.  Things are too easy to obtain.  Click.  And it's yours.  Like it...use it.  Don't like it?  Return it or just tuck it away somewhere for your inheritors to deal with. What does anyone NEED???  Sigh.  Why can't we exchange wishes and dreams instead? Open a pretty package and find, nestled in tissue, a lovely wish.  Just for you.

The tree is up and has lights and decorations.  Listing to the side.  Tempting itself to tip right over and crash to the floor.  With all my ornaments.  It's happened before.  I lost all the angels and Santas made of glass and sparkles when my sweater caught on a 12 foot tree and came crashing down onto G (sitting in his chair).  The snowmen didn't break.

We attached some of my soft garden wire to the stem and attached it to the fireplace mantel.  G and I remembered another tree we had tied to the ceiling--so it wouldn't tip over.  This tree--charmingly whimsical-- has a thin stem.  Making it difficult to stabilize with the three screws in the stand.

The first of my 3 days off, I set the 4 sticks of butter out on the counter to soften.  All day and all night.  Still not soft.  The second day of my three days off, I mixed up three doughs.  One for Snickerdoodles.  One for Almond Apricot Oatmeal cookies.  One for Apricot Kolachke.  They are now in the fridge.  Today is my third day of my three days off and I must actually bake cookies.  Sounds like a charming new Christmas song doesn't it?

Yesterday I cubed, peeled and baked an enormous butternut squash and made a large container of organic long grain brown rice.  That's what I will be eating this week at work for my interpretation of the BRAT diet.  For G I made a large casserole dish of sausage, mushroom, onion, marinara sauce.  To be eaten with pasta.  But not by me.

No cashews yesterday.  No rash.  I told G he must eat the rest of the 2 pounds of cashews himself.
What an odd thing to be allergic to.  So the total of things I can't eat without getting a rash are wheat flour and cashews.  Okay.

Today. Cookies.  And I can't eat any of them.  Perhaps that is why I am having difficulty actually baking them?


Paula, the quilter said...

I have four packages of butter in the freezer because I just can't get into using it since I can't eat any. I bought it on sale to use in an online coffee cake baking class. The first cake was a total fail and I emailed the instructor via the platform asking if there was something I should have done because I live at high altitude (I knew this was the problem). I got no response. I did, however, get my money back from the platform. Oh, and lots of butter. Sigh.

the gardener's cottage said...

what a lovely idea to wrap up a wish! xo