Thursday, February 12, 2015

Early Wishes For A Happy Valentine's Day

We'll be getting more snow and some very very frigid temperatures for the holiday so I thought I would post now--just in case.

Things I Have Noticed Lately and Just Don't Understand:

The two books I just read had some connection to old Amsterdam.  The Miniaturist and The Signature Of All Things.  And both books had never had their book spines cracked open.  I was the first to read them.  And, in further investigation, the book I am reading now, Dominion, was never opened either-- in 2 years.

The library where I used to work, used to buy quite a lot of fiction.  Now they don't.  And they removed any fiction from the shelves if it hadn't been checked out in the five years before the day they checked.  The books were taken off the shelves and sent to Goodwill.  Now, when I order books they come from other libraries.

I also checked the three fiction books I purchased at last year's book sale and haven't read as yet.  They also had never been opened or read.  The pages were solidly together.  No gaps when the covers were opened and spread out to 90 degrees. Purchased and then never opened or read.  Gifts?

One is Wolf Hall.  Now in the process of being turned into a Masterpiece production by PBS.  Ahhh!  Loved the book when I read it a few years ago.  Bought the book sale copy so I could read it again any time I wanted in the future.  My library doesn't own a copy but sent this pristine, unopened copy to the book sale rather than add it to the collection.

I remember visiting a newly built library in Georgia.  Built to replace an old, smaller building.  In the new library--all the books were brand new.  Author collections contained only the newest releases.  I asked about the older books from the old library and the library personnel I spoke with said "we got rid of all that old stuff".  It honestly felt like I had been punched in the chest.

I just don't understand.  A library is a place where books are kept.  Kept.

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Annie said...

On your library musings...I feel the same way. My small town library does the same thing and it irritates me no end. I know technology is the new way, but golly gee.... I want books!!

Good luck getting through the blizzard!