Saturday, February 07, 2015

It's Pantry Clean Out Month

Before I get started on the Pantry Clean out---  We found a Hoosier just like this one at a garage sale down the street from us (that house we bought where we only saw the roof because of the snow) when Spring arrived.  It was coated in paint.  But we stripped it and used in in that house, for 6 years in Germany, in the next house in Chicago and finally here in Maine.  The Hoosier lives with our daughter now but isn't used as a pantry.

I love that the mixer sits in one of the cabinets.  In our Hoosier there is a flour sifter over where the mixer is in this picture.  Same doors and drawers.

Anyway.  In February there are lots of Pantry Challenges on the internet.  The one I remember that first got me interested in this was probably 10 or more years ago.  I sometimes wish I still had the names of those great websites.  I don't.  The idea is to "shop" your fridge, freezer and pantry and use what you already have.

I am interesting in doing it this February because I want ice cream.  And I don't have room in the freezer for even a PINT of ice cream.  Yes, it's that full.  And, Yes, the freezer is that small. Remember I had to remove all the frozen berries and make jam.  It's that space challenged.  I may have to remove the frozen peaches and strawberries in order to make room for ice cream.

The first site that I went on 10 years ago had a few rules.  Such as only being able to buy a few "fresh" things each week.  Usually eggs, milk, bread etc.  Stuff that is best used fresh.

I tried it and it was fun.  Mostly I opened the freezer to see what I might want to thaw out and then checked to see what sort of recipe I could find to use the freezer item and whatever I happened to have in the fridge or pantry.  Can't make pasta if you don't have pasta.  You get it.

I found that the things I had to buy "fresh" were often onions, carrots and potatoes.  With those three things I could make quite a few meals out of whatever was in the freezer.  In fact, most of my recipes start with peeling an onion or two.  Spell correct just said "peeling an opinion or two".  Well that too.

Things I Did Today.
Potted up all the Spring Bulbs I didn't get into the ground in the Fall (and making quite a dirty mess)
Drove to work to buy more dirt to pot up the bulbs.  (first time I have driven the car in 6 weeks)
I am silently sending "love" to someone (in my thoughts) who may need a bit of extra care and love.
I am enjoying The Signature of All Things, my new book
Changed the linens on the bed, started three loads of wash.
Eating the remainder of the Super Kale Salad (with added carrots and red onion)
I found a recipe for Butternut Sauced Penne Pasta which will use up some of the butternut squash I roasted a few days ago.  A Weight Watcher's recipe--8 points whatever that means.  I'll just have it with the brown rice--- in a bowl.

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