Thursday, December 25, 2014

The 2014 Christmas Tree Cards

I actually made 12 but had the first one in a sealed envelope before remembering to take pictures of all of them.  The iPhoto download wasn't as horrid as last time, but still more trouble than it ever was before.

I used brown Kraft paper cards from JoAnn's and a white gelly roller pen with a point 4mm tip.  I only used one pen for all the cards and it still has ink.  My past experiences led me to buy a package with three pens as I have found then to be unreliably inky.

I think the whole process took three hours.  The first ones are very tight with short needled branches.  As I got looser and more comfortable with the "making" the trees became more "shrubs" as my daughter pointed out.  She got 2/12 and her tree is very tightly needled.  My son is getting 10/12 and his is much more "mellow".

We had a lovely Christmas.  Not too many presents.  Simple food.  Riley loved all the company (one extra person), his stuffed dog toy and the bone.  He's very, very sleepy.

The Christmas Burritos were delicious and the Pumpkin Pie was extra good.  We played several games--two which were new.  We didn't play Scrabble.  I have more than a dozen new glue sticks and three packages of index cards.  Thank You Santa.

Now to the belts!!!!!


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Deborah Boschert said...

So sweet. I just love them. Perfectly Christmassy, but so unique.

Life Scraps and Patches said...

The tree cards are beautiful! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year to you.