Monday, December 29, 2014

One Last Tree

I hunted for this image and finally noticed it hanging out---- all alone--on the desktop.

Yesterday was my LAST day of 2014 at work. (For Sure) A long, painfully slow day.  You can chat with your co-workers just so long before you start repeating yourself, over-sharing, or giving advice (BLAH!). I should have brought my book to work and found a sunny spot in the greenhouse to read it.

Today has been quiet.  I baked another batch of chocolate chip cookies for G, turned some "getting old" bread into crispy croutons, went on a walk with my friend from the library and have a pan of cornbread ready for the oven--we are going to Patty's house for dinner.

G is working on building two end tables for our bedroom.  Using the remaining wood from his desk project. I hope he will let me paint them black to match the bed.  He also has a pattern for Bluebird Houses.  Not that we see any here---too many trees.  They like a meadow.  But some of the little Goldfinches or Chickadees might like them.  I hung a few clementines (the ones with seeds) out for the birdies.

I spent an hour "pinning" German and French recipes to a new Board.  I am very new to Pin interest.
I am very new to most everything.  I collected quite a bit of moss and intend to build myself a nice little moss garden.  I am loving the terrarium I made.  The bird I found at Goodwill looks perfect sitting in with all the ferns.  My paperwhites are showing flower buds already.  I can't stand the flowers.  Stinky. But love the green foliage.

A few of the amaryllis bulbs are sending up flower stems.  I love them.  Not stinky.

Well, I have to go preheat the oven and mix the cornbread batter and get that in the oven.  Might be nice to change into something nice for going out to dinner as well.  I spent ALL of Christmas Day in my pajamas.  And I wasn't sick or anything.  Just never got dressed.  Sigh.

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