Saturday, December 06, 2014

Making Santas

I saw this "ornament" in the Crate and Barrel catalog---just a picture of the tiny suits hanging on the tree (upper left in photo).  No item to purchase.

I had to go online and find the actual ornament.  Made in India for $6.95 each.   Five inches by five inches felt or wool.  Hard to tell.

I had a Joann's coupon a few weeks ago and when I visited they had the best premium red felt (really good color).  So I bought a half yard of it and a quarter yard of white.  Then I had to make a pattern.

I cut up an entire manila file folder making the jacket.  Arms too short.  Arms sticking out too far. Hat too tall, too wide too whatever.  I finally cut one and made the entire thing and it took far longer than I expected.  I wanted at least a dozen for the tree.  I had one.

Then I turned to the American Industrial Standard.  I did one thing--over and over.  Then did the next thing, on all of the suits, all of the hats.   As you can see the suits are sewn (8 of them) but not trimmed.  The hats (which I do at breakfast, before work), have trim and are ready to go.  The belt is wrong and I am not enchanted with the two buttons but I am not going back to buy tiny pom poms.

I still only have the ONE finished.

We'll see.


Annie said...

Aren't those adorable? Good luck on finishing them!

Susan Sawatzky said...

On Sale!!

Life Scraps and Patches said...

These are WAY cute!

quiltcontemplation blogspot said...

Nice Santas. I have some red felt left from my grandmotehrs stash. maybe I will try one.

Frederique said...

Good job, even if it was not so simple!

quiltcontemplation blogspot said...

love them! sew on!