Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Library Called

Yes!!!  Remember I was 46th on the waiting list?    All I know is---  I'm happy

The other item in the picture is a pair of Dr Scholls wooden platform sandals.  I keep thinking, in my 65 years, that I want a pair.  And then they hurt my feet.  And then I wonder why I wanted them.  This  barely worn pair (I have bought many pairs) has been around for awhile.  I wore them on the trip from the closet to the picture taking site.  My toes hurt. The toe band is so stiff it makes my toes hurt.  Yard Sale.

Work was interesting.  I got to do Boy/Loader stuff.  We unloaded a big truck.  Lots of shrubs.  Heavy. And then the straw truck came and we unloaded that.  Just another girl and me on the straw.  I HAVE to work on my upper body strength.  I could carry the bales of straw but I couldn't lift them so K could stack them higher. She had climbed way up and then had to bend down to the piddly height I could lift the bale. Now, the only thing I haven't done is drive the tractor and scoop mulch into trucks. I think I will stop before trying any of that.  The regular boy/loaders arrived just as we were finishing up the straw.  They cleaned up.  I got the straw sweepings for my garden.

One of our co-workers is going on an 11 month adventure in missionary work.  the world if you want to check it out.  Today was her last day at work.  I have been trying to think of something to get her as a going away gift.  I guess at this point, money for any extras she may need would be what she needs most.  Eleven months with a pack on her back, a tent and that's it.  All her worldly belongings need to fit in the backpack.  She has been getting shots for every disease she could possibly get.  Yellow fever, malaria etc.

I couldn't do it. Could you?


Deborah Boschert said...

I tried those classic Dr. Scholls shoes when I was younger. Hated them. Also bought an expensive pair of Birkenstocks when I was in college. Hated them also.

Having just moved, I can certainly appreciate the idea of have far less stuff. But I need more than will fit in a backpack. I think.

Tracy said...

Dr. Scholls can keep his sandals, I had them once upon a time too. Ugh, I can still remember the heel pain when my foot would come down on the edge. So glad you got the book, I really thought it was as good as the first. I am sometimes disappointed to find that authors don't often achieve that same feel for their subject the second time around. Thought of you yesterday, I had some time to kill and ended up at Goodwill. Found a pretty red, wool pendleton shirt in the mens department , it was a whopping 8 dollars. I'll wear it as a jacket this winter, as it is too warm around here to wear it as a shirt .