Monday, August 20, 2012

What I Got Rid Of Today

A new segment for this blog.   I got rid of these Austrian enameled panels last year at the yard sale, I think.  If not, I will try and get rid of them this year.

I just spent an hour reading comments about owning things or being owned by the things.  The truest words were written by people who had had to empty the homes of deceased parents. Been there.  Did that.  Don't want to ever do that again.  In fact, I helped empty the quilt room of a fellow quilter who died and then a few months later emptied my dad's house, shed and basement.  It's an emotional battlefield.  There were times when it was all mindless and then there were times when I sobbed for what seemed like hours after finding some object.  Like my dad's belt buckle collection he wore when roller skating.

So.  Every day I will get rid of something and tell you about it.  Maybe even take a picture of it to remind me of how ridiculous it was to keep it.  The panel above was difficult to get rid of.  Handpainted and really pretty, it no longer fit into my life.  A souvenir of another time and place.  Another me.

There's the three bag rule also.  Walk around the house and pick up items.  They go in the "keep it" bag or the "donate it" bag or the "toss it" bag.  After a month, empty the "keep it bag".

I made the zucchini brownies with coconut flour and high fiber Splenda.  They are crumbly and coat the back of my throat with this "dry" sensation.  I am waiting 24 hours to see if they become moist and fudgey over night as sometimes happens with these GF baked items.  I'm waiting because even with the throat closing dryness--they taste like brownies.

I walked the dog and had a big salad for dinner.  Just lettuce, carrots and ranch dressing.  Good enough.


Deborah Boschert said...

We are getting rid of tons of stuff. This last move has been a bit revelatory. This week I let go of three sets of bunnykins dishes. I remember that they seemed special when I was a kid and my mom treasured them. For some reason, it just didn't carry over to my kids. Some things seem like they should mean something, but they just don't. And even if they do mean something, is it neccessary to keep them? I did send one set off to my sister.

MariMo said...

What a great idea - as soon as the temperatures are a bit lower over here, I will start doing the same thing. One item per day should do the trick for our messy basement.