Sunday, August 12, 2012

Simple Design For Sam

This is what I had planned for the renovation of my daughter's kitchen.  She had other plans.  I still cut and paste pictures of what I "saw" even if it never came to be.  I don't think minimalist will ever be the key word to her design style.

G and I had a late breakfast, dropped books off at the library and made a "test drive" to the site of tomorrow's interview and then, after he walked the dog (or the dog walked him), G wanted an idea of where the remainder of the day was going.

 He wanted to know the "plan".  I don't like having a "plan".  But, since I was on the phone with our daughter she suggested that G wanted to visit a restaurant or see a movie.  She knows him better than I do sometimes.  So we had 12 minutes to get across town for the matinee of the Bourne Legacy.  Worth it.  Very nicely done.  Then, since the theater complex is right next to KFC, I suggested some of the new chicken bites for me and G could get whatever he wanted.  While he was inside, I remembered customers had wanted me to identify the plants growing out front.  So I went looking. Brought home a few samples.  It's either a sage or catmint. But none that I recognize.  I think a large (6 to 8) planting of whatever this is, would be fantastic at the edge of my driveway, out along the street.  I just need to find out what it is.

I finished all the books I had on my book shelf.  Now that's a record, even for me.  Like a whole book each day.  The last one the Innocent by Stevens was very good.  Read The Informationist first.  It sort of is like the Bourne movies & the Girl With The Dragon Tatoo.  Which reminds me that I still haven't gotten to see the American version.  I may have to succumb to Netflix.

I hope the library sends an email tomorrow with news of books for me.

I called work and I am on the schedule for three days of work and two vacation days.  Summer is coming to an end.

G brought more zucchini and more cucumbers in from the garden.  And it rained overnight the past two days, so we haven't had to water.  Sweet.  The tomatoes are beginning to change from deep green so it won't be long before the Arkansas Travelers and Brandywines are ready to eat. I can't wait.  We've been happy with the Early Girls and the first Sun Gold cherries.  We picked our sweet corn and I cut kernels from a few ears for the Garden Chowder which was fantastic.  That odd zucchini casserole was delicious and G even ate some.  We still have bing Cherries.  It's all good.  Longmire is on tonight.  Ah!!!

Now, will I actually go to the interview?

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