Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Daily Notes- June 23rd

An unexpected surprise.  I started trying for an avocado plant last Summer.  Most of the winter I had the pit wrapped in a damp paper towel in a plastic bag in a very warm spot near the radiators- directions from several sources on the internet. Nothing happened. 
Then around February I notice the bulb had cracked and what was described as the "root" was there between the two halves.  I was directed to pot the pit and water regularly.  Nothing happened and a few days ago I was tempted to dump the contents of the pot into the compost bucket.  I forgot to actually dump it and last night as I was closing windows before bedtime- I saw something strange- that was not there the day before.  It looks like something is growing.  Just when I was ready to give up hope.
Perhaps I potted the bulb upside down and it had a longer journey than planned?

That gave me something to think about as I was getting ready to go to bed last night.  Not giving up hope even when it seems like nothing you had hoped for is ever going to happen.

I've just been dragging myself thru the days for about a month now.
Trying to limit the amount of Time spent watching news.
Trying to have an ongoing "project" to work on a little bit each day or several times each day. 
Getting the washing done as it accumulates and not waiting till I have three full loads of it. 
I even managed to vacuum the floors and baseboards which were getting very dusty. 
I do actually water all the plants twice a day outside and try and fertilize them as needed. 
And I cut the grass every seven days- or so depending on how it's growing.
I also take great pleasure in noticing the changes in size of the peaches and plums on the trees.
I take a few moments to enjoy the Beauty Bush in full flower and the Rhodies.

But I am also procrastinating on many things.
That weigh heavily on me.
Yesterday, especially.  Which was why that little shoot, well, it really was a very good thing.

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Angie said...

This delights me! I've never been able to get an avocado to root for me. I'm going to try again using your description of how you did it here. :)