Sunday, June 21, 2020

Daily Notes- June 21st

I couldn't find any good looking peonies to snap a picture of so you get a pile of work that is ready to go- if and when I am ready to go with it.  I am in a "mood" right now- of not being so energized to do anything.  Not lazy.  Just stubbornly NOT wanting to do anything that needs doing.

Procrastination.  It's a form of Depression.

The much delayed production of the 2019 taxes is a big part of the problem.
I do not want to do them. In fact, I have stated I am NEVER doing the taxes again.  I think 53 years of doing them is enough- in the beginning it was with a pencil and a adding machine.

We are all itchy here from Brown Tail Moth hairs.  They fly around in the air and stick on your skin and then they make you all red and itchy.  Usually in places like your neck and elbows.

We have been watching the Wonderstruck series on PBS and yesterday it was Madagascar for a few hours and they never mentioned Vanilla Beans which is a big export.  They have lots of fig trees on the wet side of the island and all the birds and mammals eat them.  Tiny figs.

I did a load of wash this morning with hot water to kill the Brown Tail Moth hairs on our clothes. I was reminded- by being very hungry this morning- that I had forgotten to eat dinner last night.

I watered the little (not really all that little any more) seedlings with fish emulsion and now the back deck has a very nice fishy odor (not nice). But they needed to be fed.  They really need to be in the boxes or the ground. The little cucumber plants are sending up little tendrils.  Wanting to climb. I think they will go into the raised bed garden.  Tomorrow when it will be cooler- 80.

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