Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Last Booksale Set-Up

There seem to be more "last time" things and fewer "first time" things this year.  I'm not sure how I feel about the "last" book sale set up.  It wasn't without it's bumps and irritations so, I'm thinking, I am glad this part of my summer plans for the past 18 years is over.

The month of June will no longer be "before" the sale and then "after" the sale.  It'll just be June.
When the garden gets filled with plants. And there were no books I actually wanted to buy.

Even though it rained yesterday, G had to water everything.  The super hot 80 degree sun got the best of all the little transplanted tomatoes, peppers and squashes.  It got the best of me as well.  And since straight up sunshine is a no-no while I am on the meds--well, it was good to not be at the greenhouse and better to be in the junior high gym, even though I worked harder, lifted too many heavy boxes and had to put up with a woman who kept saying "what a great job you're doing etc etc" to every volunteer.  Like a cheerleader.  Of course it might have been because I was doing all the heavy lifting and she didn't say it to me.  (OMG if she had--- makes me want to laugh out loud)

Since it was cold yesterday, we had roast turkey, baked sweet potatoes, Stove Top stuffing and cognac infused cranberries left over from last Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving dinner is just the best meal there is, I think, and G agrees.

Now I am taking a shower and putting on my jammies.  Stick a fork in me---I'm done.

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