Monday, June 08, 2015

Scarecrow Made From Burlap Coffee Bags

Now that the local coffee roaster is giving all that lovely "chaff" to the compost start up --which means finding compost additions to my bins has all but dried up--- I now can turn to using the burlap bags I did get along with the chaff.   Though with the weather we are having here in Maine-- hardly anything is growing.  So cold.  So cloudy.  So not June.

The house has been painted.  A very soft calm green trio.  So peaceful I can almost fall asleep while looking at the house.

New shutters are ordered and --after being painted--will be installed.

The new front of the house windows have been ordered (casement with full "lites") and a new back door.  The old one had so much water damage that it was an embarrassment to the painting contractor. (not us)  We had boards replaced on the house as well.  So, now the house is properly maintained and ready for the the next 10 to 15 years.

The grass is looking very green and luscious.  Not a weed in sight.  Perhaps we should sell the house now???  Not a chance.

The flowering almond--flowered.  The crab trees were rather glorious this year.  The lilac thanked us for the move to a new spot and the pruning I gave it last fall--many fragrant deep purple blooms.  Right now the rhodies are flowering.  White, pink and deep rose red.  The cameo quince and the beach plum were very well flowered.

The vegetable garden?  Not so good.  No carrots.  Five or six beets.  No kohlrabi.  Plenty of garlic, onions and shallots.  Kale, mustard and lettuces are nicely represented by tiny little green dots.  A few nasturtiums are up.  My inside (under the lights) seedlings are nice and sturdy.  French eggplants, cucumbers and zinnias.  The tomato starts are in the wagon, outside.  Going into the garage on cold nights (and days).

Riley has a new hobby.  Chipmunks have taken up residence in the blackberry thicket.  They come "prancing" out, tails up, tempting Riley to give chase.  He does and they run back into the thicket and Riley, having learned the blackberry branches can hurt his nose, runs, silent, right up to the thicket.  G and I watch as he very slowly moves, muscles trembling--wanting to go, and creeps ever closer.  The painters would stop work to watch and wait--to see if he got one.  It's only a matter of time.

The squirrels have departed after losing one to Riley and a second to a hawk.

The backyard is a dangerous hunting ground.

I returned to work after the 5 days of sick time.  I am ambivalent.  But this time, unlike other times, I am not that eager to return to work.  Perhaps this job has run it's course.

I just pulled a Georgia peach cobbler out of the oven.  Reminding me of the six years we lived there, had two children and I learned to cook.  We are having pizza today.  G has finally agreed to veggie pizza as the normal choices (sausage, pepperoni) are too fatty for his heart healthy diet.  I plan to put sauteed fennel bulbs and onion on my side.  Onions, mushrooms, a few peppers, and some olives on his side.  Perhaps some ham.  Rehab is going well.  The lectures have been well received (veggie pizza) and he seems to enjoy going to the three times a week exercise hours.

Well, it's time to start in on some housework.  I'm reading "The Girl On The Train" (well, I haven't started yet) after reading "Broken Harbor" by Tana French.  I stopped reading "Secret Place" by same author as it bored me to sleep.  Seems like every other one is worth reading.  The Likeness was also a snooze.  Any book suggestions?????

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