Monday, June 09, 2014

Summer Time Rooms

My actual bed is black but it's a four poster from Ethan Allen.  I have always like the "cannonball" style beds and this fat one in black looks good to me. I think the current Ethan Allen catalog has one just like this.  My side dresser is old Maine Camp, pine I think.  The black bedside lamp is hung from the wall as a sconce.  The chair is piled high with my basket of socks.  I do have a huge fluffy down comforter on my bed and this reminds me to add the white linen dust cover to the box spring.  I think I need a green print pillow to make it all "pop".  But then the pillow will spend most of it's time on the floor.

I am trying not to scratch all the mosquito bits I have on my ankles right this minute.  I was standing out on the porch with a June referendum campaigner discussing the annual rise in taxes due to the school district.  I am not a fan of the school teacher's union or the school superintendent.

G is cutting the grass across the street and then ours.  The weather has been perfect for growing grass.

It's also been perfect for mosquitos.

I managed a visit to Goodwill and got a nice grey tank top, a grassy green (roomy) quarter zip sweatshirt (which will be very useful for any chilly restaurants this summer with my capri black pants) and a pair of linen mixed fabric capri pants.  Large enough to allow breezes to cool me off at work.  Linen is really the best fabric on 80 to 110 degree days in the greenhouse.

Needless to say....... my tan is already dark enough, thank you very much.

I am trying to think of work I should be doing right now--but, actually, I just want to sit here in the cool house and veg out.  Work is so hot.  And, while Saturday was super busy, Sunday was not and we were just bored and hot and wanting to go home from 2 to 5 pm.  I stayed busy for some of that time by watering the entire perennial yard.  So now you know why my tan is getting so dark.

I think ice cream is on my menu for dinner tonight.  And I think, if I go out to the store, hotdogs.
I already had toast for lunch.  It's 80 and sunny.

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