Saturday, June 07, 2014

An Ode To Summer Finally Arriving

I saw this on the Style Files this week and WANT one.  All loose and breezy on steamy, buggy days.
Yesterday I was asked if I was dressed for casual Friday.  At work.  Which is actually quite hilarious. Since we dress like bums.  Old pants. Old company tees (because our employer only gives fresh tees to new hires).  And we are all, basically, dirty within 10 minutes of arriving at work.

Yesterday, I had on a very new pair of (20 Cent) pants (lightweight cotton), rolled to capri level and a lemon lime linen shirt.  It was going to be sunny and 70 degrees.  Which translates, in the greenhouse, as close to 90.  I wanted loose and breezy.  Not hot and dark green (the tee shirt).

You are wondering about the ultra sound.  Well.  Nothing wrong with my leg or knee (according to the nurse who left the message).  Still swells up. Knee still hurts.  Fluid was noticed around the knee.  I will admit that the swelling and pain are greatly reduced.  Not gone.  But I think my doctor is gone.  On vacation.  So no news from him until he returns so I am taking Aleve every night so the knee pain doesn't ruin a night's sleep.  Not worrying about blood pressure since it was 118/66 at the doctor's visit.

When I wore the rolled up pants, my ankles were noticed because of the short pants and the fact I wore no socks.  And they were both swollen due to torn tissue from years of sprained ankles.  I was a VERY clumsy person.  Last week one leg was nearly double the size of the other so I wore pants to cover the ankles and dark socks.

I got a number of mosquito bites yesterday while hanging out in the Perennial Yard trying to catch the thief who has been stealing plants for the past two seasons.  Yesterday was her first, noticed, visit and we were determined to stop her.  I was blocking the stairway to the employee parking lot where her husband was parked (in the getaway car).  And I was going to ask to see her sales receipt if she tried carrying plants past me.  She tried her best to out "wait" me but I had a radio so I could deflect any customers needing help.  In the end, my employer called her out and told her to take her stealing business elsewhere and then called the police.  We have an order on her now and she isn't allowed on the property.

That was about the most excitement we have had so far this year.  Me dressed in Friday Casual and the Perennial Thief.

Today is "planting the vegetable garden" day.  The knee is "good enough" to use my kneeler and get down close to the garden beds.  I have tomatoes and peppers to plant and a few herbs.  The zukes and cukes are still growing under lights.  Wish me a pain free day.


Paula, the quilter said...

She probably doesn't have any friends who can divide their plants for her. So sad.

Life Scraps and Patches said...

Oh, I LOVE that outfit. I can just see myself wearing it. The "thief" story is pretty amazing, imagine her husband being in on it too! Is there any way you could take a peek at her yard to see if she's at least putting them to good use?