Tuesday, February 11, 2014

We Pause for Olympic Curling

I watched two "ends" yesterday.  The US vs Norway and Canada vs Germany.  Mens. And the very end of the US women vs Switzerland. I tried explaining the game to G. (?)  I am enjoying the recorded games as I can fast forward thru all the commercials. So many commercials.  I have all the matches being recorded.  My afternoons will be occupied while G is up in the garage workshop working the desk he is making.  And Riley is sleeping.

The sun was out today.  Makes it feel warmer.  The snow isn't melting.  It's winter.

I don't have much more to report.  I have two eggplant sliced and salted in the fridge and I should be thinking of breading them and frying the slices.  G likes fried eggplant as much as I do.  But he likes his topped with marinara and cheese and I eat mine cold, out of hand.  I think there is enough for three days of meals.

I made a broth (no recipe) out of stuff in the spice drawer and the fridge (ginger, garlic, fish sauce and shiraachi), added dry Shitake mushrooms, broccoli and leftover pot roast in shreds.  I added cooked Udon noodles--the long, fat ones.  For G.  He ate it all and said the broth was the best part--he didn't like the texture of the noodles--thinks they are better suited to being fried until a bit brown and crispy.  Lo Mein.  But---in the end, it was a nice hot supper and that's all that mattered.  I had a few handfuls of cashews and called it supper.  All that Curling wore me out!

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