Sunday, February 02, 2014

February Flowers

When you work (or still know the people who work) at the greenhouse--you sometimes are given a welcome bouquet of "too old to sell" flowers.  The roses may be blown, but I love them that way.  Such a cheerful touch to a still wintery, cold, gray day.

My stack of books.  I finished The Doll.  I've written about this author and these books before.  Someday they will be made into very exciting and popular movies.  Violent.  Fast.  Relentless. Please  read them in order but be aware that the lead character is sometimes a woman and often a man. Next up is the Fire Witness as it is due. The previous two books by this author have also been violent. Then Purity of Vengeance.   The Bat by Jo Nesbo has already been returned to the library.  The Bat makes me want to start all over with the Harry Hole books.  Redbreast.  I might.

The changing weather patterns laid me low again yesterday.  I took some allergy meds to clear the congestion in my head.  It hurt.  And covered my head with my down lap throw and hoped for sleep. It came eventually--I woke to a dark room and G reading quietly on the couch next to me.  Then G offered to reheat a plate of pot roast and mashed potatoes for me.  By then it was nearly 7.  We watched a few recorded things and then, with Riley leading the way ---- went to bed.

This morning is no brighter, a bit warmer.  My head doesn't hurt.  I didn't like my oatmeal this morning or the orange filled with seeds.  I am trying to think of something in the fridge that will make me happy mid-afternoon.   Soup?  Whole Foods Focaccia with a very aged cheddar?  A big Greek salad with lots of olives and feta.

G and I will not be watching the Super Bowl.  We might watch some of the Puppy Bowl as Riley has shown interest in it last year, paying a bit of attention to the dogs.  Not much.  If he can't smell them--well, why bother.

I started my new journal.  Three or four pages in--it's always this way at the beginning.  Not liking the feel of the paper.  Not having anything to say.  Wondering how I will ever fill the book.  The old journal is here by my left elbow.  Still three pages blank that I am filling with recipes from Food52.

I think I need to start looking for new blogs to read.  The ones I have been reading--well, the authors are posting less.  It's like going out to get the daily paper and finding more than half the pages blank. this isn't new.  I have read that the blogging thing may be slowing.  Too many blogs are being used as business ventures.  One in particular had 36 businesses in the sidebar.  Businesses that pay to be there.  Creating revenue for the author.  I don't read business blogs.  I don't mind if you are trying to sell a published book or class.  But when every post is a sales pitch--well, I'm gone.

I realized how many blogs (now gone), that were once very pleasing for me to read on a daily basis, when I was cleaning out the stack of notebooks on my computer desk and found an old list.  And the other thing I noticed as I looked for new material on other blogs---- a growing number of the blogs are no longer in service.  Moved.  Changed their name.  Or haven't posted in a very long time.  I found one that hadn't had a new post in three years.  I wondered what happened.

How do you find the blogs you read?

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Paula, the quilter said...

I actually have several Austrailian quilting blogs via Facebook. Man, do those ladies love to quilt!