Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Tomato Bed And The Weather Report

Things are going well in the garden.  All the seeds I planted have germinated and poked up out of the soil.  Summer squashes (zucchini and yellow crookneck), two kinds of cucumbers (pickling and burp less), two kinds of beans (pole and bush green beans).  I tried another packet of carrots, some lettuce and I have two flats of basil started in the house and a few new sprouts of parsley.  The nasties (nasturtiums) are still not sprouting.  I may give up--again!!!!   I even planted 5 little mid season cabbages.  They were orphans from work.  Now that I know I should pull them before we have a big rain (so the heads don't split open) I may even get to eat cabbage.

The weather has "turned".  Yesterday it was unbearably hot.  The morning shift got to go home an hour earlier, and even though I LOVE money, I went home early.  So happy to arrive home and see the little window AC unit installed and humming.  Then a good shower.  I was soaked in sweat and dirt.  And some assorted slug slime trails which happened as I was carrying trays of overgrown perennials.

Today I am saving myself from thoughts of smacking a customer and stealing their icy beverages.  I am bringing icy beverages of my own.  I am wearing light colored and loose clothing.  Cotton undies.  I may even bring my hat, though it will make my head even hotter.  Yesterday I dunked my head under the sink faucet.  I felt like my brain was getting overheated.

It was close to 90 outside in the sun and closer to 110 in the greenhouse.  No breezes.

I got home, showered, dressed in the lightest stuff I owned and then sat, in a stupor on the couch in the dark living room.  For hours.  Then we watched the last three episodes (that we can watch) of Zero Hour.  ABC ran this show for three episodes in the Fall season and then pulled it.  Now they are showing it again.  I missed it but--amazingly!!!, my cable service has a way for me to watch stuff-- and I did it (we did it-as G also enjoyed watching).  Only one show left and it's scheduled for July 6th.  You can see how they are scrambling to close out the story in just 8 episodes instead of the usual 13.  The visuals are amazing and this must have cost ABC a FORTUNE to film.   And, it's good.  IF they had just given it a chance it would have worked.   So, if you have a way of watching stuff that has already aired, video on demand, give it a try.

I packed my yogurt lunch, a quart of iced coffee and a thermal cup filled with ice for work.  I have on my baggiest linen shorts and a white tank top.  Yesterday I had on a dark green tee shirt.  UGH!!! Like a heating blanket.

Tomorrow.  Book Sale Set Up.  A long, hot, muggy day being dirty.  Over 200 hundred dirty boxes of books to unpack.  That's just ME!  And it's unpaid volunteer work.

The good news--once we pass July 4th, my summer days are long and lazy (even if they are hot).  Hardly anything to do at work and hardly any customers.  I usually take vacation days.  Work in my garden.  Eat ice cream. Wait for autumn and the mums.

Catch you up on news on Saturday.  Until then--I am flat out.  No days off.


Annie said...

Your garden is looking good. Hope you can stay cool today, I'm inside for the rest of today, my house is cool right now, will turn on the window AC later.

Anonymous said...

Joanne, can you explain once again how it is you plant the tomatoes with the sunken watering?