Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bubblegum Pink Supertunias

Today was THE day.  The truck arrived with trays and trays of Proven Winner's--Bubblegum Pink Petunias and those little superbells in Cherry Pink.   I spent a few hours making up all eleven window boxes for my favorite customer.   So, super cute.  The boxes and the 85 year old customer.

I've told this story before, but this time there's more to the story.  His wife arrived at my workplace (my first season) with a folded magazine picture of a window box stuffed with bubble gum pink petunias.  "Can you make this for me?" she asked.  I knew we stocked that variety so I said, "yes we can".

Then we waited, what seemed more like months than weeks, for the flowers to show up.  I had just about given up when the daily truck pulled up, the doors opened and all I could see was PINK!!!!!

Then I made up the window boxes.  They were stored back behind the Annual Greenhouse in those days.  Now, I keep them by the potting bench.  It took about four carts to move the boxes from the annual house to the cash registers.  Four employees helped move them and we made quite a parade as we crossed from one greenhouse to another.  All that pink.  Such an exuberant show.

But nothing prepared me for the look of absolute JOY that was the customer (and the husband).  Really. To make someone that happy?  It's a gift.  And she enjoyed those flowers for three summers.  The fourth year, H came by himself.  Gave me the sad news.  We filled the boxes just the same.  He felt he had to.  For her.

This year the time for the boxes came and went.  I was very sad.  Wondering what had happened. But he called on Monday.  He had been thinking of not doing the flowers.  Had asked his daughter.  She said "you have to do what you have to do".  Bubblegum Pink Windowboxes.

We were VERY short on petunias.  I told H I would call and find out what they had before he drove over with the boxes.  I called.  And guess what they said?  Well, they said, we have TONS of Bubblegum Pink. How many do you want?  Know what I think?  I think H's wife arranged it all.
That's what I think.

Every time he drives up to the house and sees all those boxes, H will remember (as I do) his wife's face.  That smile.  Those tears of joy.  The gasp of disbelief.  The love, for her, that showed in his eyes. And perhaps he won't miss her so much--at least for a a little while.


Anonymous said...

made me teary too, beautiful writing today Joanne

Tracy said...

Eyes watering, such a sweet story.

MariMo said...

Oh JOanne........

Terry Grant said...

What a gift to have done something so special for those people.