Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Other Me

Ever have those moments when you wish you had gone in a more adventurous direction? I would still want to dress like this, but I just don't have the legs for it. When I did have the legs for it, I was too conservative and "proper". Oh, to go back and try again. But the background paper is mine.

Yesterday was very busy at the greenhouse. The churches were picking up their Sunday flower orders and everyone in the area was buying an Easter Lily to give as a gift to someone, probably someone who is cooking Easter dinner. We had orders (long distance) for delivery of flowers to many assisted living homes. I paid particular attention to these orders. I work tomorrow, Easter Sunday, and we expect a good number of people to visit and ask questions.

I had to work the front counter and cash registers again. But I could answer a number of questions and help people find products so, in that respect, my being up front was valuable. My skills on the cash register are dubious. I was complimented on my "foiling" technique when adding a colorful foil wrap to the purchased plants. Perfection in all things. My Zen leanings.

I also, patiently, explained that cutting perfect squares of foil off the roll, instead of ripping jagged chunks, was a far better beginning to an attractive foil wrap.

I find that my perfectionist ways (the alter ego of procrastination) are out of sync with the ways of the world. No one wants to take the added few seconds to do the job correctly. And that's all it amounts to; a few extra seconds. Okay. Maybe it adds a few minutes. To cut squares of foil and refold them into nice triangles for the storage boxes. To wrap the plant and have four nice flaps at the corners. To cut and arrange a nice mixed salad each day for lunch and bring your own fork. To water the dirt in the pot and not just wave the hose over the top foliage. To go back and rewater to make sure everything is evenly moist. To sweep off the potting bench surface and clear away empty pots and dirt for the next person. To refill the potting soil container so the next person doing a repot finds soil, ready to use. Okay. I've gotten that off my mind.

Today is a bit cooler. Yesterday was sunny, warm (50) and the sky was BLUE. Today is cloudy and looks like it might rain. G raked the front yard so my task today is to scoop up the piles and remove them to some "other place". We have a new area, not quite so visible, for the burn pile so the debris can go there or be dumped into the low areas of the woods. BUT, on my walks I have been seeing RAKED wood areas and they look so clean and neat. Do I want that?

We had leftover Garden Vegetable Chowder and a small amount of leftover pizza from last Friday for dinner last night. Today I plan to make new pizza. Seems that all we eat around here is soup and pizza. But it's homemade pizza. That is healthier isn't it? Especially mine with all the vegetables on top of whole wheat dough. I would prefer to eat something else but the dough is ready so I have to use it or lose it. G will be having Italian sausage, mushrooms and onion on his. I'll have cherry tomatoes, green peppers, onion and olives.

I have kale, beets, beet greens and butternut squash for a "harvest plate" like they serve at 111 Maine for my Easter dinner. I even have some asparagus to go along. G will have grilled lamb chops I have marinated in olive oil, lemon and rosemary, asparagus and none of the other vegetables. The big ham I bought will be eaten some other time before it's freeze or eat date of June. I just don't have the time or interest in cooking it this weekend. I'll round out the meal with some steamed rice.

I'm tired. I feel old. I feel heavy and wide in the hips. My hair is all fluffy and out of control. I want to crawl back into bed, cover my head and just disappear into sleep for hours. But I can't. I have piles of leaves to scoop, a dog to walk, food to cook, dirty clothes to wash and the reward of a long, hot shower at the end of all that work. My day off.

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Annie said...

Joanne, I continue to enjoy your blog.You are a fantastic writer and have the most perfect blog.You give me something to admire,to look at with your photos, and to think about with each post.

Happy Easter to you and your family!

: )