Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Long days at work. Sunshine and, today, rain. Dirt under my nails. Dirt on my clothes. Wet wool socks.

I got to plant things for Secretary's Day tomorrow. In multiples of 5 or 6. Some offices have that many secretaries. More likely, assistants. I made it all look very special and "gifty". Crisp clear cellophane, cute gift cards, ribbons color coded to the flowers and container. Not matching. I am an "artist" you know. So, unusual choices. There was a comment from a co worker "well, we don't see that, often". They should!

I'm taking this book back to the library tomorrow, but wanted to share a "good cook book" with you dear readers. David Tanis is the chef who wrote this simple, garden driven, book. David was a chef for Alice Waters and now spends 6 months working for her in California and the other 6 months living in France. Not bad, huh? The cuff of my robe and my hand is reflected in the fig.

My orchid in bloom. I love the shadows. This would be fun to dye paint on whole cloth and then topstitch with lots and lots of colored thread. And maybe some beads.

I have two artichokes steamed for dinner. G is having leftover tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Yesterday we had a delicious dinner of meatloaf, mashed potatoes with light cream and sour cream mixed in and steamed broccoli. Perhaps popcorn while watching the results show for Dancing with the Stars? I think the cowboy is going home tonight. Or the football player. Depends on who has the larger fan base. No room anymore for people who haven't learned to dance, can't loosen up, keep their back straight, point their toes and shake their hips all in time to ridiculous music. My opinion.

I may fall asleep before we get to 10 pm. And I need an Aleeve. And a delicious hot shower.


MariMo said...

Hope you are doing well? A bit worried because no new posts appeared after you title this one "Fatique" - spring is here to stay Joanne! Sending you hugs and warm regards from over here - Marianne

Deborah Boschert said...

Tomato soup, grilled cheese and artichoke. Perfection