Friday, February 15, 2008

Puppy Love

Isn't he cute! The "not so little" darling has just been reunited with his toy. I had to do some repairs as Riley can work his way inside any plush toy and start in on disemboweling it. His target is the squeaker but most of the fiberfill gets pulled out as well. I used a contact adhesive to stick a wool patch on this bone shaped toy. Riley has the newly patched area in his jaws in this picture. He is also under the table in the hope of my not wanting to crawl under and rescue the toy. He knows what I will and will not do.

Riley is 10 months old and 65 pounds. He does not bark-- ever (the kennel day care staff always remark on his not barking at all). He rings the bell on the door when he wants to go out (for any reason). He will NOT jump into the car even though he loves going for a ride (wants us to pick him up). He has just learned how to fetch a tennis ball (the power of cheese). Our next goal is learning to go into the "heel" position on command. G took Riley with him to the Jeep dealer yesterday and G and Riley went into the waiting area and Riley stayed in the down position the entire time-- plus no barking. With treats. The Jeep salespeople think Riley is a genius! I wish I could say the same of them.

The sun is shining, the ice is melting and Riley will be going for a second walk in a while with me wearing my YakTrax and hoping I don't slip and fall. G took him for a 2 mile walk this morning (thank you so much!).

Riley is working on the patch--trying to get it OFF the toy.

What's Good Today: The SUN! A shower! Multi grain bread with peanut butter for lunch and the dog's face on my knee while I ate.

What's Not: My attempt at sticky rice failed and it was a glop of overcooked starch. Ick! My error in thinking it needed more water. Why do I always second guess the recipe???? The dog not napping so I can read my book. Go to sleep puppy!


gema said...

This is one wickedly cute picture...a black dog and a red heart! I think you have the nicest dog ever. Mine used to bark if someone rang the doorbell, or he would help the postman by pulling the mail inside through the biting into the mail while growling and snarling but if I opened the door to the postman he was really quiet but curious.

Deborah Boschert said...

Yes, I thought it looked like a heart too.

So funny about the Jeep service people. Ahem.

iHanna said...

Cute photo, it looks like he has a heart in his mouth! :-)