Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Getting Ready To Vacation

My yellow orchid is blooming. It looks more lime green right now but in a few days or in a week it will be yellow. I think it's amazing that I can grow this here in Maine in my freezing cold bedroom. But I can and I did. Who knew orchids actually like 50 degrees?

It snowed again last night and I had a tough choice this morning. I was shoveling up the heavy wet snow--trying to open a path to the mailbox so the mailman would pick up my bills and leave me some mail. That took longer than expected. So I had to decide--- finish shoveling that really LONG driveway or see if the roadster could make it out the unshoveled driveway. I pulled the little car out to the shoveled section (yippee) and then ran in to take a shower and get ready for my nail appointment. If the car couldn't get out of the snow packed drive--I would have had to cancel and finish the driveway. I was so happy!

Now that I'm back home with pretty red nails-- I don't want to do anything dirty or messy. I also have to deal with the puppy's crate bedding. Last night or this morning he ate the zipper out of the denim cover. So after working so very long and hard these last 2 weeks to repair and mend the holes he has been chewing in the denim and the polyfil insert, I have decided to surrender. Riley will have a ratty old towel to sleep on tonight. No cushy bed. I'm throwing the denim cover away. I'm throwing away the wool blanket that I sewed to the denim cover to protect the mending. He has earned his cold, hard bed.

I will now move on to the next order of business: lemon ricotta cheesecake. Then I will pack my suitcase. I already have my little 3 ounce or less toiletries in the quart size plastic bag. I think K will have large size things for me to use in her guest bath. She takes very good care of me when I visit. I am packing my book club book which I don't think I will enjoy. I am packing my journal, five pens, and two glue sticks. I haven't decided which hand sewing project to take: the parrot applique or the sashing I have been hand appliquing for years. I wish I had something new to work on--but time has runout for starting something new.

What's Good Today: No tests. Eating after fasting since Sunday. I am so hungry. I've had oatmeal, Caesar Salad, multi grain bread with peanut butter already and it's 2pm.

What's Not: I went on the website to see how many calories I can eat and maintain my weight (no gaining) and the number is 1700. But the site also figures out your ideal weight (plus or minus 10%). My ideal weight is 130. Twenty eight pounds LESS than I weigh. And if and when I weigh 130 I will be able to ingest 1600 calories a day to maintain that weight. (When I weighed 238, I had to eat 2200 calories just to stay at 238) I really will NEVER be able to eat without counting/measuring/weighing. Reality. Bites.


gema said...

I was never comfortable at my 'ideal' weight, always felt slightly weak as if there wasn't enough energy. My 'normal' weight was perfect for me.
It would be interesting to find out how this 'ideal' weight was derived and what level of activity was taken into consideration before it was written as the gospel.

Happy vacation time!

MariMo said...

I have always enjoyed your blog, ever since you gave me the address. It's so wonderful to read on the weekend!
So glad that your glass is full at the moment. I love your positive style of writing, and your art - be it quilting or your phantastic Christmas cards.
Enjoy your vacation!
Marianne Mohib