Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I'm borrowing an image from a blogging friend. It really and truly suits me. In the Chinese calendar I'm a DOG. And an artist. And messy. And usually dressed in blue.

September. My birth month. I think of the whole month as MINE! So I will be unbearably cheerful and bouncy this month. Going to be married 39 years on the 15th and be 61 years old on the 18th. I'm hoping one of those occasions involves cake and ice cream.

I FINALLY made it to SIXTY POUNDS LOST. All of July was one big plateau and I didn't gain any weight and perhaps lost 3 pounds for the whole month. August was better and I made the effort to walk three or four miles a day. There were also a number of 800 calorie days in August. Not good but I wasn't hungry.

Riley is now old enough to walk several miles a day without danger of injury to growing hip joints. And this pup has the longest legs! And his head is getting so big (he's smart) and his coat is so shiny and guess what? He loves me. And I love him. I don't even mind that he smells like a dog. And believe me, that's something!

September is also the month when something is in bloom that makes my nose run like a faucet. I wish I knew what it is. Ragweed? Goldenrod? Could be any of the grasses with seed heads. Anyway, I am never far from my hanky.

I have to call and give the central vac guy the okay to replace the existing system with a new system and install an extension into the second floor so I can vacuum the guest suite and the stairs. Won't that be nice? He's also going to place the collection tank in the garage for easy emptying and as an added bonus-- we'll be able to vacuum out the cars with the central vac hoses. And I have to find doggie day care for Riley for Friday when G is at work and I have a Master Gardener class. Landscaping.

My brother is calling the bank to straighten out my Dad's annuity. The annuity my Dad says he never bought. I guess we've entered that scary part of elder parent care. Glad my brother offered to help me out on this. I was out of my depth with banking stuff. Especially "you say- he says" discussions.

So, 2 mile walk and an allergy tab and it's Tuesday so G and I will be grilling hamburgers for lunch. Well, I'll have a veggie burger but it's delicious. Tomorrow Indian food with a friend. It's all good this week. September. What's not to love???


kathy said...

60 pounds is unbelievable, and it sounds like you've adopted very healthy habits and a great companion! Happy birthday soon and three cheers for your success!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Congratulations on the weight loss. They say people who walk their dogs regularly usually keep the weight off, so Riley came along at the right time.