Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Kudos To Library Staff

Thanks to your interest in finding out what I said to get myself fired-- my visits doubled on the "dates" when this happened. Close to triple digits on some days. Wow! And all from readers locally! Revenge IS best served cold. I'm loving it.


His Office, My Studio said...

I can see your smile all the way here in Chicagoland.

dee said...

Hi Joanne, I just got back from Maine(did you see me waving???)and I don't know if I should cheer or go back up there and find you for a hug. Clearly, they don't have a clue what constitutes a good employee/employer relationship. Maybe it's something about the library system in general that needs to be addressed. We have this caste system here where the LIBRARIANS(they're special...ahem)treat the clerks with utter contempt and refuse to do anything that's not officially their job. Sounds like your particular set of prima dona are no different. I can't believe how mean & classless this group is. You're better off not having to deal with a group of snobby morons. Enjoy your free time. It looks like you got the best of the deal. Lots of free time to create and play with the puppy. Sending you big smiles and hugs!