Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wednesday Post

Remember when I said I was going to post on Wednesdays? And never did it after that first Wednesday? Welcome to my world. LOL

After two fabulous, sunny perfect June days we are having a "weather correction" and it's cloudy, buggy and will probably rain. Cooler temp. I did my 2 mile walk in my new walking outfit. Bean ultimate knit crop pants and a 1X vee neck tee. After the first half mile I started warming up and not feeling so chilled. Every yard was being mowed by some lawn service, except for one. They had three mowers going-- mom and 2 very handsome early teenage boys.

Yesterday I had 2 glasses of wine after work while visiting with an 84 year old friend. We sat outside in her garden and it was lovely. Her peonies and iris were going by but still lovely. My iris are still good and my peonies are in bud.

I'm worrying about Soulemama's dog Luka.

I have the next four days off from the library and will be stitching like crazy to finish my quilts. I also have the book sale organization to complete. How many boxes of each category and how many tables needed etc.

We're going to try an Everyday Italian dish tonight. Parmesan pork chops, baby green beans and baked potatoes with chives and sour cream. I wish I had a red pepper to slice and saute with the green beans. Wouldn't that be pretty? G doesn't like peppers.

I brought my tomato seedlings in for the day in case it rains hard. I don't want them to get beat down and soaked. They spent the night outdoors. First overnight. Still looking perky. I will probably put them into the garden, with a handful of Epsom salts in the bottom of the hole, next week. I'll transplant the cukes this weekend. And replant the zucchini which didn't germinate. Strawberry picking this weekend and I can finally make a strawberry rhubarb pie. I have to decide whether I will be having any pie. I could have pie and walk 4 miles for the day.

Now to shower and dress and go to work. We were very busy yesterday since school is out and everyone is looking for something (a book or handful of movies) to do. Summer starts tomorrow!

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dee said...

Hi Joanne, I've been enjoying your collages. I think I'll have to try that-looks like a great jump-start for something(anything!)artistic. Life here has been an artistic wasteland for too long. Life's too short not to have a piece of pie and my sympathy on the Library chaos of summer. My friend Terry has horror stories everyday about kids just left there for hours while Mommy goes off to shop or whatever-gruesome....and loud!! Patience(and tylenol)