Sunday, June 24, 2007

Close to Home

Geranium buds in the compost pail. G sprayed my outdoor plant with deer repellant and killed the flowers. But I do love pink up against a golden yellow/orange.

Yesterday I walked, tried not to eat the wrong things, made lentil soup for the week and FINALLY quilted the marigold. What a mess. But it's a finished mess that just needs binding and a pocket and it's out of my head and out of the house. I sewed buttons onto it during the Tom Sellack movie. I just LOVE that guy. Anyway, today I get to do my least favorite job--squaring up the marigold. I cut, and cut, and cut and the damn quilts get smaller and more crooked. I think it's best all round for it to be squarish. ISH.

This is a white peony. It reminds me of all the things I love in white. Sheets. Linen shirts. Cotton tees. Fresh sheets of journal pages. New watercolor paper. Salt. Flour. Pizza Dough. Mozzarella-- the fresh little balls. Steamed Rice. Can you guess that it's lunch time? LOL.

That was a picture of a white peony which got deleted by ME.

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dee said...

we should call ourselves sisterhood of the linen shirts-I have a closet full of them mostly from Land's End and I just ordered 6 more Fri. Is there anything more comfortable than crisp linen on a hot day-I think not..