Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Field Notes- Wednesday, January 11th. Sunshine temps in the 20's. Dentist.

 I've loaded the desktop with new images.  So...I hope you like them in the days and weeks ahead..

Today began early.  I had a 10 am Dentist appointment.  I still missed out on breakfast and just had my oatmeal a few minutes ago- 2pm. My husband set the alarm for 9.  After my teeth got cleaned I had a procedure done on my lower front tooth.  It's now smooth where it was rough and uneven and slightly "pinging" from being "chipped".  Monday I go back and have "serious" work done on the second from the back upper tooth. Right side.  It's cracked.  It's getting a "line" of silver inserted into the crack.  Sounds awful.... I will need massive amounts of tooth numbing.  The big long needle. Shivering.

The Smoke detector alarms having been "binging" for awhile here in the house.  With husband's hearing aids- they were driving him insane.  More insane.  We came home from the Dentist and unhooked them. Needed to go out again and buy fresh batteries for them........ if we had been ACTUALLY THINKING...the dentist is close to the Grocery.....and the Library where we also stopped on the second trip to pick up ONE book....... Two 9 volt batteries were ten bucks.  The other brand- 14 bucks.

I also saw two packages of still HOT Baked Chicken Breast in the Grocery Deli case..  They have NOW been picked and shredded and coated in honey and mayo.  I haven't had a good meal in DAYS.  Yesterday it was yogurt, bran buds and thawed frozen strawberries.  For the DAY.  (after oatmeal for breakfast) My regular pants are easy to button at the waist these days.  In fact- the oldest ones (smaller) are loose.   The newer ones (larger) fall off......... I look the same.  Well, my face looks "less"...........It looks old. Tired.

Because...I am.  Old......Tired..........Haggard.  I also bought 40% less salt Potato Chips.  No longer sell the 60% less salt ones.  I prefer 60%.  I have store brand cheese crackers.  Taste exactly like Goldfish.

I also bought Panera's Cream of Baked Potato Soup.  One small tub.  Just to test the waters. I might steam one of the potatoes I have in the vegetable basket.  Add it in small dice.  For BULK.  I also have a small leftover bit of shredded cheddar.  It can be clean out the crisper soup.

I couldn't find a loaf of bread that SPOKE to me.  I really wanted a nice Dense New York Seeded Rye.  Sigh. My Grandmother made a really GREAT Seeded Rye.  Old World Style.  A real workout for the teeth and jaws.

Daughter brought over Christmas yesterday after work.  Complete Louise Penny Series and Complete Nesbo Police series.  THEN we put my Romances in order and then I gave her the list of what's missing. She spent time looking at my bookcase and the Trade paper I am buying one or two at a time. So she knows what I have.  Her favorite HOBBY is looking for books.  Hunting for Books.

Today's Book-"I flipping Love you"  Helena Hunting.  I may have read it.  Flipping Houses. We'll see.


Paula, the quilter said...

Did you get the finite sorted out? We have a weather system right now that will be moving out tonight so tomorrow is supposed to be warmer and sunny. I may take the grand boy to the park. It gives home something to do and wears him out.

Paula, the quilter said...

Darn auto correct. *xfinity

Joanne S said...

Xfinity still going...I think it was a SCAM email. Lots of that going on these days.

beverly said...

have you read all the louise penny books? amazon prime had a series on called three pines.

here is a link you might enjoy

glad your dentist appointment went well. i broke a crown so i have to go at the end of the month to get my tooth pulled then an appointment with a denturist for a partial for three teeth.

Being a caregiver can make you old it has made me old. take care of yourself
xx00 beverly