Sunday, April 09, 2017

First Signs Of Spring- Crocus

Mine are not this abundant.  I should plant more bulbs.  But they are very welcome here in the back garden -over the septic out-take.  Where the ground is warmest.

The tile is going up/down in the shower starting on Monday.  The plumber is buying the European hot water radiators.  Not the ugly American style ones that are so impossible to keep clean.  These are flat closed systems like the lovely ones we had in our German house.

There are still so many things to consider and choose and purchase.  Like door knobs.

What I Am Cooking Today:  Chicken Soup for G.  I gave him my cough.  But I don't really think Bronchitis is "catchy" so more likely we are both being affected by the drywall dust floating everywhere.

What I Finished Doing:  Watched two full seasons of the Affair on Showtime (free week of viewing) which took a lot of time. I skipped season three as the reviews said it was all about Noah and I detest his character.  So, yesterday I watched season 5 of Homeland.  Eleven episodes.  Those foxy people at Showtime got me all the way to 11 and tonight is number 12.  The ending.  And I would have to subscribe to get that.  That's okay.  I can just read the reviews after. Figure it out for myself. It was very good.  Had all the characters I enjoyed in the first few seasons with Damian Lewis.  Not so much after he left.

What I Tried To Do:  Vacuum.  I was doing okay and then I clogged the vacuum up and G had to work on unscrewing all the tiny screws to get the hose that was plugged up--open.  What a dirty mess. And then he vacuumed with his shop vac.  Too much dirt for the household one.  Especially in the construction zones (which is basically everywhere right now).

What I Still Haven't Started Doing:  Taxes.  I'm just too foggy headed right now to do it right.

What I Thought I Wanted To Do:  Go on Riley's walk in the woods with G and Riley.  G said no, it would be terrible.  Guess it's wet, icy and muddy.  Just the way Riley likes it.  It's sounds like the conditions I usually have at work in Springtime.  50 degrees.  Sunshine.  Very Nice For Sitting On The Deck, I think.

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