Friday, May 27, 2016

Dog Tired

I wish people could sleep like dogs do.  Riley looks so damned comfortable.  And he snores.  And the snores are even cute. And, yes, he is that shiny and black.  That's his toy, Spot, next to him on the bed.

I fell down at work.  Again.  This time in the annual house (annual flats of flowers and veggies) while walking a customer over to a plant he asked about.  The floor is slick, there was water and .....slip sliding, I went down on my butt.  My pants were covered in mud and water.  I was covered in mud. I am thankful the customer wasn't the one who fell down.

I walked directly to my boss and said "I asked you to cover that slick floor with gravel--you didn't, and I fell down"  He asked if I was hurt.  I said no.  I kept walking the rest of the day--did I mention this happened an hour into my day?  I, thankfully, had on quick drying pants.  I kept walking to keep my muscles flexible.  Now that I am home, cleaned up with a hot shower, dirty clothing in the washing machine--well, things are tightening up.  Aleve makes my eyes red and itchy.  Sigh.

There is more grass and weeds growing in the garden than beets or carrots.  I do have kale seedlings and arugula.  The fennel continues it's amazing growth.  Gigantic Fennel Destroys Earth.

My Tomatoes and Peppers are in the yellow wagon, rolling in and out of the shade from the big oak tree.  They even roll into the garage if it's too cold at night.  I also have been giving them drinks of kelp water and Starter solution.  Tomorrow I may give them some fish emulsion water.

Tomorrow I am buying 4 bales of straw to mulch my garden.  And taking the time to read a book.
I might even make supper.  Then more work all day Sunday and Monday.  No holidays for garden center workers.  None.  Ted did fill the freezer at work with ice cream cones.  We like Ted.

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