Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April Snow Brings......What?

Well.  Misery? Our light sprinkle of snow is still coming down.  Hard and heavy. The town workers put the plows away.  So, nothing is getting plowed.  We went out for a few groceries, return library books and mail a few bills. Slipping and sliding even with 4 wheel drive.  I have a big pot of chili (for me) on the stove and G has plenty of leftovers to eat so that's that. Beets are roasting in the oven. I love roasted beets, chilled, with olive oil and Balsamic vinegar.

I never got around to planting my seeds.  We ended up helping our friend P with her grape vine pruning and ended up installing the top brace on the arbor G built many years ago.  Long ago he got tired of working on the arbor and just never "got around to it".  Now the two ends won't tip into the middle.  Anyway, it took forever and we got back just in time to finish cooking the pork I had in the oven.  At least dinner was good.

As I sit here in my wool sweater with a wool cowl warming my neck--- I am reminded of yesterday in just a tee shirt, standing in the sun, watching my friend's dogs pull each other around with the leashes in their mouths.

My library books went back--I had already read them both.  A mystery you already read--well, not much mystery.  I may do something else.  Or not.  I have tomorrow off as well.

Just ate forbidden potato chips.  They weren't worth the price (calories).  That's how I know I am invested in the diet-- things just aren't worth eating.  Not eating enough protein so still getting hungry and that's my biggest hurdle right now.  Have to figure out what protein I am willing to eat.  I don't like HB eggs.  Tuna is okay but I have to mix it up.  Chicken?  Only like nuggets.  And nuggets gotta be dipped. Deli ham and swiss rolled up is good but then I'd be eating G's lunch. OMG.

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Life Scraps and Patches said...

Cottage cheese? Egg Beaters? Peanut butter?